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About Us

Smooth 42 hand crafted liquor is made in Brownlee, SK, in what used to be the town curling rink. Adam Dombowsky, his brother Daniel Dombowsky and their friend Sacha Elez partnered up bought the 20,000 sq ft rink from the town, which has a population of 50 or so, for $1. 

We spent nearly a year and half to renovate the derelict building, doing nearly all the work ourselves, to create the home of Smooth 42 Craft Distillery. We are still only using a small portion of our total square footage and have plans to build a large event center in the back of the rink.

We hand craft our premium alcohol with as much locally sourced raw materials as possible and go the extra distance to make our products exceptionally smooth.

Smooth 42 Craft Distillery Founders Adam, Daniel and Sacha

Contact Us
400 Cathcart St.
Brownlee, SK, S0H 0M0